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 Version 0.1 beta 10

    fixed a bug which displayed a wrong function offset in callstack
    fixed a bug which didn´t break on module ep if "break on system ep" was selected
    fixed a bug which lead to a crash if a wow64 file has ordinal imports
    fixed a bug in the disassembly view which caused ungentle down scrolling
    fixed a bug in PEManager which double loaded debugged files
    fixed a bug which may lead to an error in disassembler
    fixed a crash on context menus if not debugging something
    improved HeapView
    added Message in DebugLog if breaking on MemoryBP
    added PEViewer
    added native check for Admin rights
    added warnings if API import fails
    added display of current PID/TID in mainwindow title
    added function view
    added and cleaned context menus


- I´m happy to announce "En0mis" as a new Developer in this project! :)
- function view
    - scans the memory of the loaded targets and scanns for functions.
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