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You should check out the latest build.
I made this totally different.A more clean look
No push buttons but icon and hotkey based.

HTML Code:
1. Hotkeys:
2.  NewFile:            Ctrl+N
3.  OpenFile:           Ctrl+O
4.  SaveFile:           Ctrl+S
5.  RunScript:          Ctrl+E
6.  Undo:               Ctrl+Z
7.  Redo:               Ctrl+Y
8.  SelectALL:          Ctrl+A
9.  Paste:              Ctrl+V
10. ResetFolding:       Ctrl+R
11. CircleFolding:      Ctrl+C
12. PlainFolding:       Ctrl+P
13. Hex-ray Home:       Ctrl+W
14. Python API:         Ctrl+I
15. Open git python:    Ctrl+G
16. Author:             Ctrl+B
Use hit hotkey Alt+E twize to load the editor.

picture here
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