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beta 11

    fixed a bug in options which didn´t save the correct settings
    fixed display of exceptions if no symbols have been found
    fixed a bug which made register editor not working in x64
    fixed a bug which displayed wrong modules in window view
    fixed a bug which didn´t display exceptions if a breakpoint was set on this offset
    fixed a bug in disassembler which may caused application crashes due to wrong memory protection
    fixed a possible crash in context menus
    fixed display of the offset in string view
    fixed unvalid breakpoint offsets caused by alsr
    improvements on AttachDlg
    added cleanup on debugge termination
    added process patching
    added more context menus to DetailView
    added display of mainthread in DetailView
    added F5 Hotkey to reload some views
    added possibility to save debug log to file
    added possibility to copy data to clipboard
    added possibility to break on new Processes, Threads or DLL loads
    added dockable widgets to the mainview
    added save of window sizes and positions on close


- You have now the possibility to patch the memory of a process. Currently it is not possible to save the
  changes to disk but this will be integrated also.
- Some context menus offer the possibility to copy the data from the table to the clipboard
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