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lARP64Pro was first released 3 1/2 years ago. Although I posted an unpackme from it in another forum, it was never unpacked. lARP64Pro itself was never cracked either. People above have been talking about the unpacking of a simple anti-rip-protector for 32 bit which was only intended to keep lamers away. See my previous post above.

The 64 bit protector was different stuff though but its development was stopped January 2012 because there was no fun in maintaining a program that didn't offer any anti-cracking challenge since there was never a necessity to "keep ahead of the community". But now, I want lARP64Pro to get defeated finally. So, I'm providing a new crackme that offers many different points of attack:

This new crackme should make it accessible for everyone because patching is allowed. The goal is to unpack either of the executables OR circumventing the program's unregistered window. Any means are allowed: patching, inlining or unpacking or whatever you can think of. I coded no trap at all in the unpackme and certainly not in killing the program's nag screen. It's a simple patch from a conditional jump and I have made this as simple as I can. You really can't want me to provide you with the offset to patch as well, right?

Inside the archive are two UnpackMes/CrackMes protected by lARP64Pro. It is both the same executable (64-bit-only) but once protected with an unregistered lARP64Pro (trial) and once with a registered lARP64Pro. This offers additional info because killing the unregistered messagebox in the trial-protected crackme would be a good start as well. Info: an unregistered lARP64 Pro adds an additional timely message.

I'm convinced this can only take a couple minutes now. Let me know how you did it!

Attention: lARP64Pro is a 64-bit-only protector.

Good luck,

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