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Originally Posted by sendersu View Post
have you seen this interesting piece of code?

did you already have it inside the Ext the tool?
Originally Posted by memcpy View Post
This pastebin is irrelevant, it's for Kernel debugger detection. Olly is usermode debugger. You don't have to add this mate.
I have to disagree from what I can see on the pastebin stuff:

//On the other hand, if KdPitchDebugger is set to false, a check for the "SeDebugPrivilege"
//privilege is conducted, a sign of presence of Kernel and/or UserMode debugger(s).

printf("Kernel Debugger present\r\n");
if(retValue != 0xC0000022) printf("UserMode Debugger present as well\r\n");
Tell me where I am wrong.
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