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Originally Posted by ahmadmansoor View Post
Hi Carbon
I have make some more check on x64 .
I keep get ((Warning wrong struct size 504 != 396))
or the HookLibraryx64.dll not been injected .
Did you compile it yourself? This is some alginment check, this should not be a problem in the release builds.

if (specialPebFix)
StartFixBeingDebugged(ProcessId, false);
specialPebFix = false;

if (PLUG_CB_DEBUGEVENTx->DebugEvent->u.LoadDll.lpBaseOfDll == hNtdllModule)
StartFixBeingDebugged(ProcessId, true);
specialPebFix = true;
This is from the POISON source and to be honest I don't understand it completly but it works very well. It is something against Heap flag artifacts. Themida/WL looks for special artifacts on the process heaps and this little trick prevents the creation of these artifacts. I think other hide plugin use the same trick. I don't know who invented it originally, but it is a very clever way to solve this problem, so the author is probably some genius.
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