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Originally Posted by alexandernst View Post
How does this compare to PEID or DIE?
PEID was a good project, but unfortunately very old.

I am the author of DIE, so probably I know his pros and cons better than anyone.

Detect It Easy[DiE]

[+] Currently, DIE has significantly more detects.
[+] The signature system allows you to easily add your own detections without recompiling the program.

[-] Signatures slower than compiled code
[-] Not all types of detections can be implemented in signatures.
[-] It is difficult to implement a full reverse scan of individual parts of the program.

Nauz File Detector[NFD]

[+] Compiled code is faster than signatures.
[+] It is possible to implement complex detections. For example using emulation.
[+] There is a reverse scan.

[-] NFD has less detections than DiE
[-] When adding new detection, you need to recompile the program.

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