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PeLock v1 and v2 Scripts and Tutorials

PeLock 1.06 script:
PeLock 1.06 OEP Finder + Stolen Code + Remove Junk JMPs + Code.txt

Unpack v2.0 it by using scripts:
Step1: PeLock_v2_Script.txt
Step2: On Olly right click the .text section (the code section) and choose Set access->Full access
Why Full access??? Since still tries to write to code section!
After you change .text section access it will check by VirtualQueryEx the access
Step3: PELock_v2_CodeDecryptor.txt
Step4: PELock_v2_CallsFixer.txt - resolve shitty calls
Step5: PELock_v2_ImportsPart2.txt

The "Step3: PELock_v2_CodeDecryptor.txt" is the only script I can't make it work
without manually adding exceptions.

It also include two tutorials: PELock_v2_TutorialShort.txt and PELock_v2_Tutorial.txt.
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