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[C/ASM] Easy to use DLL hijacking examples

Hi, I've been working on a project where I needed to inject some code into a process via a hijacked DLL. I understand this is a pretty simple thing to do, but when I looked around, there wasn't really a lot of good examples. The automatic project generators I've found also either output poor code or just don't work at all.

So instead, I wrote my own solution. It's a couple of template projects that have all the code required for being a drop in replacement for either winmm.dll or version.dll.

For an example using version.dll (the project that I needed this for):

- The original DLL and its functions are lazy-loaded upon request using an asm springboard (x86 and x64 are both supported).
- The projects are also set up in a way where you can easily create versions of both dlls for the same code base.
- Works well with Tsuda Kageyu's minhook for additional hooking.

I've found that this method isn't compatible with all processes, but usually at least one of the DLLs will work.

It's still a work in progress, but it works well for me. Any criticisms or suggestions are definitely welcome.

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