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Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
Try EA with an Origin unwrapped, my guess is you'd get hell from their lawyers
I think its a matter of how you approach the target and release your work. If your release is with the intent to promote piracy and destroy their brand, then yea they are going to definitely want to go after you.

In my case with Steamless, the intent of the project is a 'for-fun' educational project. The source is released with no intent to promote piracy but rather to run games DRM free on your own system, along with being able to debug the game easier.

With that, I don't release any binaries or assist with compiling them. I also do not assist with any form of removing the 2nd layer of the DRM (steam_api.dll) which requires an active Steam session to play the given game. (Which prevents piracy another step.)

I don't think Steam cares about my project though either way since its not doing any harm, I don't profit on it, and its not released in a binary form.
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