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I did some testing.

Seems there is junk bytes at Win10 Anniversary's NtQueryInformationProcess call as well as a different signature. The code leading to the gateway is a JMP to the jmp (so two jmps) to the gateway, whereas Win8.1 is a simple jmp. More details are at that issue link.

Originally Posted by Kla$ View Post
Please fix bug on update Windows 10 in ollydbg1 and ollydbg2
thank you in advance

Windows 10 SysWowSpecialJmpAddress was not found!


Unknown syscall structure!

That bug I managed to fix, but I haven't checked the remaining ones. There was also changes for 3 APIs that are enough for Obsidium and Themida targets to be detected. So far for me, managed to get VMP debugged.

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