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Steamless v3.0.0.4 - 64bit Support!

Been a while since I updated the thread here about my Steamless project. Since moving to Steamless v3 and releasing its source code, I have moved it back to Github (Gitlab saw little to no community input so I moved back to a more used network as much as I dislike Github..) and done some more changes.

Here is a quick review of the recent changes:
 - PeFile32 - Added support for reading the ImageTlsDirectory section.
 - SteamStub Variant 3.1 (x86) - Adjusted the unpacker to attempt to use the Tls callback as the real OEP if general unpacking fails.

 - Adjusted Steamless to use older Aero presentation library for Windows 7 support.

 - Fixed issue with variant 2.0 (x86) unpacker failing to unpack files with non-encrypted code sections.

v3.0.0.4 - 64bit Support!
 - Steamless.Unpacker.Variant30.x86
    - Fixed issue with header size not unpacking properly for certain files.
    - Fixed issue with TLS callbacks not being unpacked properly when present.
 - Steamless.Unpacker.Variant30.x64
    - Added support for 64bit version of SteamStub Variant 3.0.
 - Steamless.Unpacker.Variant31.x64
    - Added support for 64bit version of SteamStub Variant 3.1
The biggest change with is that I have now added support for 64bit games that use the 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 variants of SteamStub. These are not very well tested as I have only gotten a few files from various people to test with. I have confirmed things work with RAGE and Fallout 4 personally as I own both games.

More info about Steamless can be found on my personal site here:
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