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ProtectionID 6.5.5 - halloween public release 31/10/2013

Hi, heres the 6.5.5 public release, a lot of bugfixes and tweaks (incl the win 7 one which i still get emails for), and some new additions,
hopefully you'll like it... the last final version is probably going to be on christmas, where i will add anything missed, and fix any outstanding
bugs, then its a switch to developing pid 7 which will be quite different (and various flavors for people who just want the scanning etc)

so, please send the bug reports in for this version to the usual email address and i'll make sure to include them to the next public release (most likely 24/12/2013)

and as usual, thanks to the beta team and those who supplied files, you helped make protection id what it is today...

cdkiller - if you see this, get in touch please m8

below is the long list of the fixes / updates some were lost but this is about all i can remember doing

[virus total results]

SHA256: 58863c3654db45df49444fafde26ef03a2411ba305dee858cd8c9ae36c4ad415
File name: protection_id.exe
Detection ratio: 2 / 46
Analysis date: 2013-10-31 20:11:10 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

* Microsoft VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.AX
* Bkav HW32.TsCabk.cyiu

both of the detections are false positives...

the microsoft one i've known for a while (windows 8 windows defender blocked protection id during some tests, and i had 1 email about this), so
please add it to be excluded (provided the sha256 hash matches the above one

Bkav i had never heard of until today...

have fun, hope to hear back,
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