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You have all the answers in my post above. Please do read again

So here we have Mr Exodia confessing to the following :

He cracks armadillo software (commercial) for money, he paid "relevant" taxes on the ILLEGAL money thus earned by cracking armadillo protected apps, "he does not care about anybody pirating anything" ...

Further it seems he's tring to rake up a fight by bringing tsrh repeatedly into the picture (third time he mentioned them in this thread).

I am sure that PAYPAL would be VERY interested to know that Duncan Ogilvie is someone who not only cracks commercial apps and earns money but also PAYS "relevant" taxes on the ILEGAL money so earned.

Then he has no other work other than to go and to dig into someone's FREE tools and then try to start a fight while all the time HE is the one CRACKING and getting PAID for the illegal work.

Well, EVERYONE here is a witness to the fact that HE GAVE PERMISSION for me to contact PAYPAL and other authorities to expose his FRAUD.

I do NOT need any smokecsreen. See my post above to clarify regarding me "copying" snippets..

Guys, can't you just see HOW RIDICULOUS his statements are :

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