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Without sounding typical, or boring. I use GDB, given I have not found a better solution.

Having a good .gdbinit file and gdb-stl-views always helps.

IMHO, having x64dbg for Linux would be most ideal! I understand no one has infiniate time, etc.

While not 100% certain, I thought newer versions of Visual Studio offered some support for this too? There is commericial product VisualGDB, but I have yet to try it.


Originally Posted by CZC View Post
IDA doesn't have a local 64bit debugger but you can use it with gdb and remote debugging to some extent. If you have 32bit versions of the program that you want to debug then you can still use IDA with a 32bit local debugger on a 64bit system.

Hopper-v4 is a reasonable 64bit debugger (for Linux and Mac) but the debugger interface is mouse based and it lacks some features.

EDB is a free 64bit debugger but the disassembles is very basic.

What are your favorite 64bit debuggers for Linux?
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