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OllyDumpEx v1.64 final

- v1.64 / 2018-05-10

Improve: Follow IDA 7.1 changes which break callui backward compatibility layer
Improve: Dump feature available even if debuggee not running (IDA)
Add: Support IDA Freeware version 7.0 (EXPERIMENTAL)

- v1.62 / 2017-11-05

Bugfix: Rebuild dumpfile corrupted when ELF PT_PHDR entry not exist
Bugfix: Failed to load ELF header when sparse segment layout
Improve: Corrupted ELF structure handling
Improve: ELF Loader segment always aligned same as mmap behavior

- v1.60 / 2017-09-19

Add: ELF support
Add: Standalone version
Add: Support IDA Pro 64bit build plugin interface (7.0)
Improve: Image Size editable in binary dump mode for overlay data
Del: Drop old version of Immunity Debugger support (1.7x)
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