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Originally Posted by Kerlingen View Post
notepad.exe as a 0.2 MB standalone executable does no longer exist. (Note: technically it does still exist, but it just launches the "app")

NotepadApp.exe is a 70 MB "app":
  • It has a startup time of 2 seconds
  • It requires you to sign in with a valid Microsoft Account the first time you use it
  • It will no longer be updated by Windows Update, instead it requires Windows Store to update
  • It will annoy you with "you need an update" messages inside the "app"
  • You have to sign in with a valid Microsoft Account to use the Store
  • While in Windows 10 Pro/Education/Enterprise it was possible to use the Store without Microsoft Account if you were in a corporate environment, Windows 11 forces the use of a Microsoft Account even if you are part of an Active Directory Domain and use Windows 11 Enterprise Edition
Now lets talk about cmd.exe vs. WindowsTerminal.exe and its 5 second startup time...

I would not call this "bugs". I would call it intentional user mucking or always online compulsion. "Windows Phone" has been dead for years and a "Microsoft Surface" has a screen size comparable to a laptop, so I really don't get why Microsoft keeps going converting everything to useless "apps".
Well said.
On cursory inspection I noticed that literally everything launches a lot slower on the same hardware compared to windows 10.
Not upgrading anytime soon.
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