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From article based on what Microsoft claimed:


That includes improved memory management, which allows Windows 11 to better prioritise apps and processes that are used most often. Even if the CPU is occupied with a demanding task, apps will still be able to launch quickly and run in the foreground without issue. This also works for specific tabs and windows within Microsoft’s Edge browser.

Better memory management also means Windows 11 devices can wake from sleep much faster. Microsoft says it has optimised when specific hardware components are called on, ensuring only those necessary for smooth performance are activated. Instant wake from sleep is one of the pillars of Intel’s Evo Platform, but that relies on the latest Intel chips.

In terms of pure processing power, Windows 11 will also supposedly be more efficient than Windows 10. This aims to reduce the load on the CPU and avoid the need for throttling.

the calls to specific hardware components, making sure only the necessary ones are turned on. At the software level, Windows 11 will supposedly be more efficient with the processing power it uses – this should reduce the load on the CPU and avoid the need for throttling.

Elsewhere, Windows 11’s reduced disk footprint means the OS takes up significantly less space on the device’s hard drive. This has been achieved by expanding the use of compression technologies and using a default ‘stub’ state for non-critical apps. Aside from slightly longer load times, there should be no effect on functionality.
Can anyone comment on these claims. If not true I will also wait the 3 years to upgrade.

I also dont like the app store style apps becoming prominent. They have their place, and should be at most an extra option, but not a substitute or replacement. They were a great idea when the phone was still around, but again catering to some specific apps only. But they are frustrating when trying to replace any developer productivity or system management tools. The experience is for superficial users which are the majority but horrible for power users.
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