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AT4RE Patcher v0.5

[+] Added Patch Types:
- Any File Types.
- Portable Executable (EXE).
- Dynamic Library (DLL).
[+] Added Patch Modes:
- File Offset.
- Virtual Address (VA).
- Relative Virtual Address (RVA).
[+] Added Support for 64bit Loaders (Still under beta testing).
[+] Project.apf upgraded to v0.3, Old projects (v0.2) still supported.
[+] Added Signature for Settings.pat file
now no more crash when using old Settings files with newer version of AP.
[+] Added Detection for New Font (OTF).
[+] Added Detection for Region (RGN).
[+] Added Detection for 32bit and 64Bit PE Files (EXE, DLL).
[+] Added More checking routines before creating the Patch/Loader.
[+] Added Highlight colors (Black=OK, Red=Error) to List Items.
[+] No longer saving regfile to disk > Now its loaded directly to memory.
[x] Fixed An Error appears rarely when showing About Form.
[x] Fixed crash happen sometimes when Loading Font of Skin in AP.
[x] Fixed TTF, FON signatures detection.
[x] Fixed some spellings in AP.
[x] Fixed error happen in Registry Patcher when user
click Reload and the reg-file does not exists.
[x] Fixed 'Test Font' Button and Font Styles was not applied.
[x] Fixed Bug Happen rarely When Generating Patterns in Search And Replace.
[x] Fixed few options was not saved in project.apf.
[x] Fixed an error when loading projects.
and many more improvements, enhancements and bug fixes..

[+] Added Transparent Edges to Scroll Text Patching Result.
[+] Patching Enahaced, now should be are more faster.
[x] Fixed Bug when Killing Target Process:
Before: ¤ Process was killed without checking its path!.
¤ All Process have the same target file name will be killed.
Now : ¤ Process is killed if its name and path its same as Target File.
- Standalone (Password:
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