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Oreans UnVirtualizer ODBG Plug-in (WL/TMD/CV)

Hi All

This tool will help conversion VirtualOpcodes -> Assembly Instruction
restoring the original code of your virtualized Application, the basic engine
was from CodeUnvirtualizer, my other tool

- Supports WinLicense/Themida/CodeVirtualizer Cisc Machines
- Supports almost all common opcodes
- Supppots MultiBranch Tech

- Right-click on the jump leading to the Virtual Machine Area and press Unvirtualize (If machine isn't found
you have to click again, after checking that the full machine was correctly deofuscated)

[Oreans UnVirtualizer]
- First public Version

- Since is almost impossible to create a full database with every opcode combination
I would appreciate if you got errors by some unknown opcodes, wrong decompiled, etc
a full diagnosis including Cisc_Vo_Dump.txt, Cisc_Vo_Syntax.txt, Cisc_Uv_Dump.txt and
Cisc_Iat_XXXXXX.txt file on your report
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File Type: rar OreansUnVirtualizerv1.0.rar (68.6 KB, 90 views)
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