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Originally Posted by Sakaroz View Post
it doesn't work correctly very unstable .. VMWare Workstation has a lot of secret options by manually editing the .vmx file you can make it almost undetectable .. changing the CPU IDs, disabling the VMWARE Tools, reflecting the host information to virtual machine .. using the Actual Hard drive instead of Virtual Machine controller .. , changing the ethernet mac address, memory addresses, ........ I was unable to get this software to work but by Modifying Vmware using a Custom BIOS I was able to defeat all the targets with virtual machine detection in VMWare Environment ..
Maybe you can share a sample .VMX file for all of us to know better.

Yes, even I do some of the stuff that you mentioned but a sample VMX file (as well as the custom BIOS taht actually works) as an example would be nice

Maybe as a PoC, we can see if it can bypass the Anti-VMWare/VM functions of the VMProtect v3.xx without needing to make any changes to the actual protected executable.
Am sure would be an interesting exercise ...

Thank you..

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