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Originally Posted by revert View Post
I should have done this half a decade ago :D but if anybody can still use this then have fun. Compile the DLL with masm. The C-sources with visual studio 2010.
gasp. i'm not only one with anymore, booo...

anyway... here's a simple modification for VMP:

line 181 ... stealth64.c

			DWORD dw = 0;
			DWORD windowsBuildVer = 15063;
			if (!WriteProcessMemory(hProcess, (byte*)lpPeb + 0xAC, &windowsBuildVer, sizeof(windowsBuildVer), &dw))
				Addtolist(0, 1, "Stealth64 >> failed to clear PEB32!IsDebugged.");
Can add your own menu option, etc.. the object was use, not pretty gui


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