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Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
First of all, it should go without saying that my post was not as a moderator of this forum.

Second of all, I apologize for saying you are using a pirated version of Enigma, I fully take it back. I just assumed, since sites like VirusTotal detected it as a generic virus, something the taggants were supposed to prevent iirc.

Anyway that was NOT AT ALL the point, the point was that your code was very similar to the code I found on the internet, which it still is, whatever version of Enigma you use or personal threats you make.
The fact also remains that here I am minding my own business, but you decide to suddenly go dig in my github account 7 hours ago, FORK an ANCIENT repo from 2016 from it, then decide to dig into it line by line, make a ZIPPYSHARE archive of it (probably you fear that I will delete it - NO I will not care to, since I did NOTHING wrong), then you decide to spend hours decompiling an enigma virtualized app, then YOU decide that a NON-PROFIT tool I'd whipped up in a few minutes to help this community use my ISOs more effectively is PLAGIARIZED, and then create a detailed post about it !

I meant that you being A STAFF should behave MORE RESPONSIBLY when posting something, especially when you are ACCUSING a SENIOR MEMBER who is much older to you, of using pirated software to protect and release programs, that too free of cost.

That too, when YOU were the one who said in no uncertain terms that you were PAID to reverse Arma apps. Do you remember ?

Should I make a screenshot and POST that conversation, the way you decided to , with a ZIPPYSHARE archive and all ?

Many here think that you are nice person who shared the AKT tool for FREE.

Just say YES, and I will post that conversation. If you DARE.I am STILL giving you the confidentiality and the CHOICE.

Pot should not call the kettle black. Nor should people who live in glass houses throw stones at each other.


I respect confidentiality when someone does a conversation/chat with me.
That is why I am not going to post the evidence UNLESS and until Mr Exodia decides to say that the statement I made above regarding him getting paid for cracking Arma apps is fake.

I am not threatening, blackmailing or whatever.

But while Mr Exodia has actually been PAID for cracking (he said so himself in his own words) and now he accuses OTHERS of piracy, then thats bad !

Especially when I am sharing stuff free of cost.

Did you even pay TAX on that amount ? No wonder PAYPAL keeps blocking your funds every now and then (You said that too yourself) and you even TWEETED it out publicly one

Pot calling kettle black ? and that too for NO REASON when I am minding my own business !

Since you like to ARCHIVE stuff so much Mr Exodia and post, here's an archive of this thread, for posterity :


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