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It's obvious why she cannot find employment.

1). Intelligent, but acts emo.

2). Has made hostile remarks at powerful Nation State actors. It is not hard to learn from a little history... i.e. OpenBSD

Granted this is no longer the start of the GWOT, as in 2003.... There is no need to bite any prospective hands that _could_ feed you. Your Moral Compass May Vary.

3. Github is open source, there are forks, mirrors... like many of you I too have a copy of this POC. Once online, always online.

4. It is down right confusing as to why anyone would openly dump a working 0day instead of trying to monetize(legally, or illegally) or at very least... follow the standard channels for "responsible disclosure"

5. Many of us have done research of our own that has lead, or been an asset to malicious works. Not due to the fact we directly contributed or were involved. In the fact that in years past we were able to see parts of that research directly reflected in source code leaks, or what have you. It's a strange feeling, although one not often directly attributed.

I guess she went for the less subtle approach. Again, this is all speculation on my part.

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