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This is very good, and the site presently shows:
To all Members of the old RCE Forums:
In order to log in, it will be necessary to reset your forum login password ("I forgot my password") using the original email address you registered with. You will be sent an email with a link to reset your password for that member account.
(***Unfortunately there are no emails going out at the moment, working to resolve that***)

The old vBulletin forum was converted to phpBB format, requiring the passwords to be reset. If this is a problem for some because of a forgotten email address, please feel free to re-register with a new username.
Regardless of the present ownership and hosting server for the forum, I suggest that the old email addresses also be deleted from the database and the users asked to register once again afresh.

Things are very different now compared to 1999 and many users in the present day may not want their old email addresses from the 90's to be in the database.

Some of us used email addresses containing our real names since email harvesting and hacks were not as common at that time.

It would not be a good idea for users to login using the old credentials even if to change the email address for the old accounts since the history would still be available in the database.

So I suggest that all the old accounts (specifically the email addresses and other user-specific data) be totally wiped out from the DB (the posts can be left intact). I know that this is technically possible.

This would ensure complete user privacy and the users can register again with the email addresses of their choice.
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