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x64dbg python

Tomer Zait have been working on adding python for x64dbg.
Me and @Mr.Exodia been helping him.

Tomer is pretty busy at work so, i have added some stuff to the plugin.


I prebuilded a PyQt4 package framework 4.8.7
i Modded Batch install script so it will add x64dbg64 spesial build to the release.
added code recognition to editor.
Coded a Python editor to x64dbg
Ton of small things

Here is a video i made so you can learn how to build it from scratch.

Here a little intro to x64dbg python and use of the editor in x64dbg.

Official x64dbg github

My changes are not pulled yet so here is mine.

Here is a prebuilded link of the intire package so you can test it out.
Watch first youtube video so you know wher to put it.

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