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beta 7

+ fixed some small handling bugs
+ fixed a bug in disassembler which did not replace old protection on memory after disassembling
+ fixed a bug which did not show terminated processes in DetailView
+ fixed a bug which did not show terminated threads in DetailView
+ fixed a bug which did not clean up memory on manual debugge stop
+ improved DB handler
+ added resolve of jump conditions to improve StepOver
+ added "Return" and "Backspace" Hotkey to navigate in Disassembler
+ added "Clear Log" context menu in LogBox
+ added "Show Source" context menu in Disassembler
+ added "Goto Function" context menu in Callstack
+ added a crash handler
+ added Source Viewer
+ added memory pool for performance improvement and memory leak reduction
+ added mouse scrolling in disassembler and stack
+ added direct run of target after using menu to select a file

	- CrashHandler
		- if Nanomite crashs a dumpfile will be written to the application folder. 
		  Please send me this file via zer0fl4g[at]gmail[dot]com
	- Hotkey "Return"
		- when you selected a jump / call / ... you can follow this instruction using the "Return" key
	- Hotkey "Backspace"
		- steps back when you used "Return" to follow a call
	- Source Viewer 
		- double click on source line in Callstack view. A new Window will open and show the source code (if found)
		- right click in disassembler context menu opens source view also
	- Memory Pool
		- redericted malloc / new / delete / free to the memory pool
		- heap fragmentation reduction
		- increasing performance
The latest update . If you have suggestions, bugs or anything else feel free to contact me! The more people test it, the faster I can fix bugs.

Greetz Zer0Flag
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