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It is my own work, it was kept in a private repo. For the sake of continuation of the project while its still relevant, I had it made public. I simply have not had time to work on remaining parts. It is basically a mess of technical details mostly on the IDA database side, that requires a lot of testing.

The decompiler.cpp/h and sleighinterface.cpp/h contain all of the crucial code. I am not sure if its forward compatible or not, but as long as the protocol between the decompiler and UI did not change, and as long as the sleigh classes did not have any major changes, it should be.

A lot was done including trying to make all typedefs, minimal function declarations which are needed, forward/initialized/uninitialized data definitions, in the right order including dealing with circular references and such. A lot of recursive functions were eliminated using STL stacks, to allow for unlimited depth without stack overflows in this regard.
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