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Originally Posted by elephant View Post
Great work Techlord. Looking forward to the technical details in how you disable the updates. Any chance to release the source code?

Many thanks
Dear elephant,
At this time I am limiting the release of the sources for this and other related tools etc to only our forum members who have actually worked on developing Open Source software to any significant extent.

This way, I feel that anyone who would actually be able to improved the code would be able to do so.

On the other hand, not indiscriminately releasing sources would prevent "script kiddies" and those who want to just modify the GUI a bit and re-sell it as their own, from doing so.

While this is just a tiny tool with just a single function, in the future, I would be releasing more complex programs and I think that this logic makes sense.

I would like to add that for the veterans here, it would take less than 3 minutes to figure out how this tool works in any case
So obviously, they would not even need the sources
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