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version 6.3.5 is out - some bugfixes, better detection, some tweaks

some bugs have already been reported and are being worked on atm (next release should be in a week or so)..

available at the usual site -

changelog (part #1)

core additions / changes

- new: compiled using masm v10 compiler & linker
- new: added in new and optimized scanning routines
- new: protection id is now able to scan inside msi files
- new: clean temp tool (Extensions -> Clean Temp)
- new: added in our own fast internal zlib decompresion routines
- new: compiler detector updated to detect:
- more Visual C++
- appended flash files
- Power Basic
- Watcom C/C++
- MinGW

- update: reporting part on file type, now reports bitness & file subsystem
- update: added in recovery system - if a crash happens when scanning a file/cd/dvd and the crash is in the scanning thread,
the seh system will 'recover' the crash, skipping all other scan modules and simply clean things up.
So a crash when scanning does NOT take protection id down (the crash is reported to the log)
- update: windows error code resolver dialog got a face lift and some added functionality
- update: initial modification to report cpu usage on ALL available cores
- update: shortcuts are now not made if pid is run from a removable drive
- update: added in reporting for uac setting in vista or higher
- update: scan size threshold increased to 50mb
- update: added in the nfo association configuration
- update: compiler detection enabled by default now
- update: adjusted the way the systray worked
- double left click on the pid icon will cause the pid window to be shown / hidden
- right click on the pid icon will cause the right click systray context menu to appear

- bugfix: cab file handler bug fixed
- bugfix: scan file on cd/dvd did not work
- bugfix: fix for shortcuts getting fucked
- bugfix: fixed bug in the seh system, which lead to a crash
- bugfix: file queue stuff (pause, remove, clear all) fully operational again
- bugfix: logic fix, checking section count could technically be wrong if exe was x64
- bugfix: selecting scan folder 2x resulted in it messing up
- bugfix: minor adjustment to avoid closing an invalid handle
- bugfix: fixed output bug on small files
- bugfix: fixed a possible win9x issue
- bugfix: minor gui fixes

detection additions / changes

- new: check_activemark.asm - added exact version detection & more detailed output for v4, v5 & v6 of ActiveMark
- new: check_byteshield.asm - ByteShield detection got heavily updated, now it contains a lot extra more info
- new: check_ea_custom.asm - added in detection for EA Custom Protection (used in The Sims 3)
- new: check_gameguard.asm - GameGuard Launcher Module & it's version got reported
- new: check_hackshield.asm - AhnLab HackShield detection added
- new: check_impulse.asm - Impulse DRM (+ core module) detection added
- new: check_protectdisc.asm - added in new versions: v9.11.0, v9.20.0, v9.25.0 & latest v9.26.0
- new: check_protectdisc.asm - added in detection of how many trial days a Protect Disc exe is allowed to run
- new: check_safedisc.asm - updated to detect clcd32.dll, dplayerx.dll, drvmgt.dll from old safedisc 1 games
- new: check_secureebook.asm - added in Secure eBook Wrapper detection
- new: check_securom.asm - added SecuROM DFA v1 and v2 detection
- new: check_securom.asm - added SecuROM 7 dfa.dll detection
- new: check_securom.asm - added detection for SecuROM 5 and 4 (or lower) dll modules (cms*.dll sintf*.dll)
- new: check_solidshield.asm - added in Tages Setup version detection in solidshield core.dll (if found)
- new: check_solidshield.asm - SolidShield wrapped dlls will be detected now
- new: check_starforce.asm - added in detection of StarForceFileSystem containers (SFFS)
- new: check_steam.asm - added in detection of the Steam Client API Module & report Steam api usage in exe
- new: check_themida.asm - updated to show watermarking on some versions
- new: check_playfirst.asm - added in detection of the Playfirst Game Library
- new: check_playrixwrapper.asm - added Playrix Game Wrapper detection
- new: check_reflexivearcade.asm - added in detection of build 177 & build 178 of the ReflexiveArcade Wrapper
- new: check_robingameswrapper.asm - added in Robin Games Wrapper detection
- new: check_spintop.asm - added SpinTop DRM Module detection
- new: check_mfortress.asm - added MegaFortress detection
- new: check_upx.asm - added in more informative upx info

- new: check_aase.asm - added Aase detection
- new: check_adnexeprotector.asm - added ADN Exe Protector v0.5 detection
- new: check_aliencryptor.asm - added Alien Cryptor v1.0 detection
- new: check_armadillo.asm - added Armadillo v6.40 and v6.60 - v7.00 (or newer) detection
- new: check_aspack.asm - added ASPack v2.2 detection
- new: check_asprotect.asm - added ASProtect v1.4 build 04.01 Beta detection
- new: check_aurastompercrypter.asm - added AuraStomper Crypter detection
- new: check_babelobfuscator.asm - Babel .Net Obfuscator detection added
- new: check_blindspot.asm - BlindSpot File Binder v1.0 detection added
- new: check_deepseaobfuscator.asm - added in DeepSea .Net Obfuscator detection
- new: check_dotfixniceprotect.asm - added version detection for v1.0 - v2.x, v2.8 - v2.9, v3.0 - v3.6
- new: check_dotnetreactor.asm - added in detection of dotNET Reactor v4.0 (or newer)
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