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Some updates on this project. I have opt'd to move the code over to C# since more developers are familiar with that over C/C++.
(I'd rather stick with C/C++ but in the same sense I do want this to have some community contribution to it as well.)

SteamStub v3
As the Github page states, I have this version working 100% for 32bit files. At this time, 64bit is still not supported yet since I have not really focused on them. I don't have many games that are 64bit either to work with. There are some things that may/may not work properly though that I never mentioned before. The DRM has various flags that can be used and one of them prevents the .text section from being encrypted. At this time Steamless does not check for that. (I have not seen a game use this yet so I am waiting til I find an exe to test against etc.)

SteamStub v2
The last update on this was that I was around 75% with getting this to work. I'm now up to 100%, but again, with the same stipulations as v3. Some things may not work properly based on the flags used against the file. I have tested my unpacker for v2 against several files and all of them have worked fine.

SteamStub v1 / v1.5
This is still at 0% done as I do not have any games that use it. However I am still talking with Cyanic whom does have an assortment of collected exe's and hopefully I can get some from him and continue working on v1 as well.

Again a big thanks to Cyanic for his assistance with some parts of the DRM that I got stuck on. While his work is private for the DRM he has shared some things with me to help push me in the right direction without just giving me the answer etc. Hopefully Steamless will be able to handle all 3 versions of the DRM (and possibly future versions as they come) soon.

For those interested, feel free to fork the repo and help out too. Or if you need to pm me here or on my personal forum and we can discuss this more if need be. I'm open to suggestions and feedback as well for anyone that has it.

PS: To those that would rather use a C/C++ version of Steamless, once I get things cleaned up and settled in the C# version I will continue to update and maintain the C/C++ version as well.
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