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beta 8

   + fixed a crash in attaching to a process where we don´t have a file path
   + fixed a bug which ignored DbgBreakPoint on attaching
   + fixed a bug which caused double breaking in case we set a breakpoint while beeing on the entrypoint
   + fixed a crash in pe import reader
   + fixed a crash (see github issue #1)
   + fixed a bug in HexView which didn´t display data on x64 processes
   + fixed a possible crash when opening invalid non pe files
   + fixed a small bug in "Restart"
   + added display of current function in windowtitle
   + added support for drag and drop of files
   + added possibility to remove breakpoints with "F2" (needs to be a selected row in disassembler)
   + added "Step back to user code"


- "Step back to user code"
    - If you use this the debugger will continue the execution until you get to the first function 
      which is located in the main module
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