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Some info on how you could modify this to also work for Full version:
seems that under full version the only different thing is a dword which come after site_code:

uint32_t ToBeHashed[2];
ToBeHashed[0] = site_code; // we need site code for decoding
ToBeHashed[1] = 0xA264D581; // this should be changed

You should grab it from target program:
Here is the first PC Guard check serial length:
009CA211 83F9 23 CMP ECX,23
009CA214 9C PUSHFD
009CA215 EB 01 JMP SHORT 009CA218

and this will move in eax the dword which should be fixed:
009CA74F 8B85 10B74100 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+41B710]
009CA755 60 PUSHAD
009CA756 E8 03000000 CALL 009CA75E
009CA75B 83EB 0E SUB EBX,0E
009CA75E EB 01 JMP SHORT 009CA761
How you should trace PC Guard: if you are after the actual check you should set a breakpoint before where current call get called; - restart Olly (not bother on trying to fallow jumps), you will also see some loop: just set breakpoint on exit door.
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