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Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
You can get the best target by making your own unpackme, or try Armadillo itself...
I would not find it to interested breaking my own ecc parameters

Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
The latest public (and custom) v9.60 uses:

  Short V3 Level 10:
    Chk : B5EC5364
    Sym: BDA4FA1C
  BaseP : 1570789295 (Size=50, Diff=112C, MD5=0F656698)
  Pub.X : 2127081270816270912006137526418476
  Pub.Y : 7206819234412870204027887633390168
Feel free to ping me if you need something...
This is the real ecc parameters for armadillo itself?
I thought armadillo was obsolete
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