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I am the developer of PEAnatomist and I'm glad to see my modest tool here.
I will be grateful for any criticism, ideas or suggestions.

Moreover, there is a new version 0.1.11 (2020-01-30):

Version (2020-01-10)
+Added mapping of redirects to another UNWIND_INFO between managed / unmanaged code in the ExceptionsData table for x64
+Added parsing of tables and metadata of dotNET

Version (2020-01-30)
#Fixed bug when parsing the old version of the delay import table
#Small optimization of a number-to-string converter
+Added parsing of Native Import Sections table (ReadyToRun, NGEN)
+Added parsing of the MethodDef EntryPoints table (ReadyToRun)
#Minor optimization of settings storage structure
#Slight list sorting optimization
#Fixed copying large lists to the clipboard (more than 100,000 lines)
#Fixed loading error after drag-n-drop shortcut of the investigated file to the program file
+Updated program settings dialog
+Added some new settings
#FLC optimization
#The mechanism for parsing .NET metadata tables has been redesigned for quick access to any fields, rows, tables
+Added description of .NET metadata token in some tables

Unfortunately, an error was detected after the release: if integration into the shell context menu was performed on this version, then opening a file through the context menu fails. The cause is a missing quotation mark in the command line parameter.
Upcoming update will fix this.
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