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Hi Abaddon!
First, thanks for the feedback, it encourages the further development of the project!

>>not sure if someone documented it, or it is product of your own research?
There is no official documentation, but there are several articles about the content of the signature itself. I just added and refined the list of tools a bit and made a link to the VS versions (and particular builds), but yes, I had to do some research on a fairly large number of files.
What about certificates page - it will be totally redone in one of the next versions. For now it uses crypt32.dll API and lacks flexibility, so I decide to use own ASN.1 decoder.

>>Lots can be done towards improving it
Exactly! I have "to do" list, which consists of hundred of ideas. But time is running out as always. As you can see, the program is written in MASM and it takes a little more time to develop, but brings much more pleasure

>>Make it a PE Editor
Oh, I want it myself, but for now this is too big a task.
>>Add an embedded hexeditor window
Hexview (not a hexeditor) is already in the process of implementation, but not ready for public presentation yet. I hope, 0.2.0 version will show a lot of program's GUI transformations and new features.

>>that at least adds something new
Actually, this is the main purpose of publishing this tool. I am very glad that it became useful.
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