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The more i play with it, the more i realize the amount of research (either original, or just collecting information on a specific PE feature) this project entails. Just to name some of the most impressive features, decoding of language specific exception handler data, .NET directory info, VB5 & VB6 specific data decoding etc (Not sure where you decided to stop dealing with the VB, or .Net specific data, since you could actually build a full fledged decompiler when you go in sufficient depth). Thanks for the work put into this project.

One think i would advise against, though (sorry for being a bit intrusive here) is your language of choice for the development of the application; an application that lies heavily on GUI, would benefit greatly from being developed in a RAD-oriented language (i'm pointing towards some of the .net applications here). I do understand the urge to develop something in ASM, due to seeing it as a challenge to master, or being a purist (been through that stage), but in my experience, projects tend to quickly become difficult to manage in ASM. However it is your project, and you should develop it as you see fit.

Again thanks for releasing it, and i do hope to see more of it.
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