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Thumbs up x64_dbg Plugins

this version 1.0 for this plugins of a very promotion debugger on x64 platform .
maybe it have a bug so ( bug report is welcome )
maybe it need more prove and this is welcome too
what's :
it has Go To API Dialog with Auto load for all Symbol for all loaded module .
command line = gtd
hex dialog to make it easy for edit hex dump window .
command line = Hexeditor
Hexeditor address,size to read

or u can get them from the menu it is more easy .

just note : in hex dialog to change the address or the size
just enter the address then press enter and same for size
button Update just done if u change the value in the dataGrid.

Coded by Ahmadmansoor with alot of help from mr.exodia .

this is new update!mBVTQTzZ!RKWgxB...YHBXHp-ayqk3-I
Ur Best Friend Ahmadmansoor
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