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Lightbulb [Python][Ida Pro]Free the debuggers

I always hated that the debuggers are limited to spesific Processors in ida pro.

if anyone is willing to test to see if it works.

Bring Debugger Support for all Prossesors in IDA PRO

Put File In procs folder, and it should autoload.
import sys
import idaapi
from idaapi import *
import idc
from idc import  *

class plugin_t():

##'lets give this baby some debuggers'''
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("windbg_user.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("armlinux_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("gdb_user.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("linux_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("mac_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("win32_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("win32_user.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("wince_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("bdescr.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("epoc_user", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("deci3dbg.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("deci3dbg.p64", 0)
    idc.LoadDebugger("gdb", 1)

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
def Plugin_ENTRY():
  return plugin_t()

print "Finally We Are Free At Last"
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