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Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
The ProcStartargs function appears to be copied from/heavily inspired by (same uppercase typo + same 'random' order of ProcessStartInfo initialization + same inefficient way of copying the standard output)

The functions to enable/disable are also pretty much the same (exact same order or command line options), except the "sc" command is used instead of the powershell service thing.

The usage of the "Sysnative" path is also very similar, just this tool has fewer features than the original. (search for "TechLord")

archived pages:

All of that is toppled by the use of a pirated enigma for no apparent reason other than:

You are making a lot of assumptions my friend.

It does not behove you, being a MODERATOR here, making ASSUMPTIONS that I am using a PIRATED version of Enigma or whatever.

For your kind information, it is a PURCHASED copy, and it is licensed to the one of the developers in my company.

If you had bothered to check, the TAGGANT would show that it is NOT a PIRATED copy !
Yes, it happens to have a VALID TAGGANT.

Mr Exodia, if you are unhappy that I pointed out in this forum a few months ago that you posted stuff about CODEMETER without giving me credit when it was me who provided everything right from the samples, LICENSES, to the very OS that you used for the analysis, this is really not the way.

Everyone please note that I never needed Mr Exodia's help with CODEMETER. It was HE who wanted the samples and licenses to test them out on HIS debugger.
Mr Exodia, you can feel free to check and quote from the SLACK conversations that we had regarding the codemeter debugging to prove me wrong.
After that it was YOU who decided to post stuff here about codemeter without bothering to give ME credit.

OR, if you are unhappy that my answers were accepted in preference to yours on Stack Exchange a month ago, this is really not the way to try to ACCUSE members of this forum that they are using pirated Enigma or whatever, especially when you are WRONG.

Because other than these two places, I had never even seen you nor crossed your path for the past several months !

In fact, yes, it was for Mr Exodia that me and some of my staff spent nearly a week in May 2017 to create the Windows 10 Pro Reverser Editions.
You forget that you were all praises for the distros at the time.

Readers can clearly see how respectfully I mentioned Mr Exodia(without naming him) in the posts where I shared the Windows 10 OSes saying that I created them for a distinguished staff member of this forum and in contrast, how CHEAPLY a moderator of this forum decided to attack me for NO REASON whatsoever, and with BASELESS accusations that I am using PIRATED enigma.

Readers can see what a detailed study Mr Exodia seems to have made by digging into my GITHUB and trying to search for stuff line for line LOL to search for similarities to others' code.

Isn't his motive apparent ? Otherwise there is NO NEED for him to spend SO MUCH time trying to decompile protected code and then write in such detail

Mr Exodia seems to forget that only less than an year ago, he was literally begging me on several occasions to use the x64dbg debugger to reverse malware and then post the video tutorials to promote his debugger.
Have you forgotten that Mr Exodia ?

Do you want ME to NOW take screenshots of all those conversations and then post them on ZIPPYSHARE as archive for the whole world to see ?

Have you forgotten how you were begging for donations and when I donated you said that you and your girlfriend had a good meal with it ?
Just several months ago - not very long time ago.

Do you want me to give more detailed accounts ? Or should I stop ?

Don't forget Mr Exodia that it was YOU who released the Armadillo Killer Tool (AKT). DO you know that if the Armadillo guys decide to sue you, you could be bankrupt ? And maybe in JAIL ?
And now YOU are accusing ME of using pirated Enigma.

One thing that I want to point out : By releasing this or any other tools, I am not making a SINGLE cent.
The tool here was released only to serve a PURPOSE.

Everyone here knows that I am not a programmer. I never hid it from you or anyone else.

I was trained in Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering. You know that.

Whatever I release, it is for the good of all. I do not make a single cent from it.

There ARE a lot of individuals who want to SELL stuff after making minor mods and sometimes, more importantly, by APPENDING MALWARE to it.

That is the MAIN reason that I "protect" the software that I release.

EVERYONE reading this would know that there are INNUMERABLE tools available online to turn off Windows Updates.

Its not as if I am going to get a Nobel Prize by creating this tool

Finally Mr Exodia , why the JEALOUSY ? It was ME who ALREADY said this in my post 2 posts above this :

"I would like to add that for the veterans here, it would take less than 3 minutes to figure out how this tool works in any case"
Did you have to stoop to THIS level Mr Exodia, to accuse ME of using a PIRATED ENIGMA when you are the MASTER PIRATER of Armadiilo and other software ???

Obviously, Mr Exodia being a MOD can delete this post in a second.

If he DOES do that, please be assured that I have taken screenshots of this and his post and will post this everywhere on every reversing forum online.

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