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The game is easy these days.

Remember that a secret file may exist with every detail of your life on it, including if you were high value enough your subvocal consciousness stream. But also remember that none of that is upholdable in court. So remember these FBI lackeys will have to find evidence they can use with the public. Yes they might think they know things, its not about what they can prove in a spy court with top secret evidence though. Its about what they can prove in a normal court in front of civilians that matters. Plus this secret information about each citizen is itself highly compartmentalized and only rich aristocrats at the top of the system have anything to do with the really invasive technological spy tech. Your average FBI lackey is just accessing normal computer records or if they are lucky NSA records.

But also remember that the FBI is basically infested by mafias of rich interests trying to enslave people and use them in their own power pyramid. Hence this guy gave them an excuse to hunt and hound him. Cooperate aka become a slave, and they will go easy. Otherwise there is always daring to fight a trial, and then the FBI will send to their prison rapists. Lousy system and totally corrupt. But we basically witness as such even in public media. How many FBI agents are working for oligarchs and collecting slaves for money using their job as a front? I bet you its more than a few!
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