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Windows Update Blocker v1.1

Is needed, considering that build 1809 is around the corner for October release while many are on 1803 by now and that the past solutions are currently rather lousy mostly targeting at best up to 1709. Here is a solution that works for any Windows version from XP to 10 v1803. The latest 1803 build requires special additions as documented below.

Specifically recommended to add to the ini configuration file for 1803 (amazing how many involved services there are nowadays):
; 2=Auto
; 3=Manual
; 4=Disabled
Service name: “DoSvc”
Display name: “Delivery Optimization”
Service name: “WaaSMedicSvc”
Display name: “Windows Update Medic Service”
Service name: “UsoSvc”
Display name: “Update Orchestrator Service”
Service name: “wuauserv”
Display name: “Windows Update”
Service name: “osrss”
Display name: “Windows 10 Update Facilitation Service”
Service name: “BITS
Display name: “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”
Release page here:
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