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Hi, I have registered some time ago, but I haven't introduced myself....
My experience with "modern" SW RE is not so good because I'm an old fart: I started hacking programs several years ago using the Periscope debugger (with the infamous NMI IRQ board/push button made using a scrap PC board) and the Sourcer disassembler. I'm talking about MS-DOS period, just to specify my age!
In those times I was writing some TSR which were able to emulate the protections made with holes in floppy disks*.
Some years later I was using the wonderful SofIce...
I was a member of the Italian forum UIC/ but almost stopped to RE programs when the forum changed "direction".
Sometimes I enjoy to unprotect some applications (see some my posts on sonsivri) but except for some rare crack, I am almost inactive.
One of the reasons is because I'm an HW/FW developer on other platforms (ARM/PIC/...) and I have very few time to dedicate to the SW RE hobby.
The same is not for the HW RE: in my work I have to compare device made by other competitors, so I have a rather good experience in this area.

I will not be so active in this forum because as I wrote, my experience in RE modern targets is almost nihil and it will be very difficult I will be able to help other people: I prefer to stay silent instead of saying something stupid!

*) in my favor, I can say that in those old times internet was not available, so you had to make/study/debug/crack/RE all by yourself! Now targets are much more difficult to break, but at least it is easier to find documentation!
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