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Originally Posted by kronicd View Post
Hello everyone!

I've been working with reverse engineering for some time, I really miss softice and I'm looking forward to learning more!

Specifically I'm very interested in analysing super nintendo games or other platforms using the 5A22 cpu.
Greets @kronicd!

I also miss the good old softice live kernel debugging days.

Have you seen these neat projects for IDA Pro reversing of SNES targets?

IDA of course supports it even seen here:
PLFM_65C816 = 61
For v6.9 SDK is SNES ROM Cartridge File Loader for IDA (Interactive Disassembler) (this is the loader):
Also for v6.9 SDK is SNES 65816 Processor Plugin for IDA (processor):
Even a small tutorial to get you going:
Happy reversing and you are very welcome here!
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