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Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
What is this 'DIA' thing you are talking about to load symbols? Is it open source?
it's open source, comes with Visual Studio you should have it in VS path e.g. "c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\DIA SDK\Samples"

Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
And could you maybe give me some pointers as to how you recognize functions and local variables?
first I scan to find begin and the end of the function (it's not always an easy task) and then just 'walk' the function marking, recording instructions related to stack pointer.

Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
Another small thing, is the arrow location just 'wrong' or is is placed between instructions for a reason?
there is no reason, it's calculated based on QFontMetrics lineSpacing. Please change font to get hopefully more accurate position but personally it did not bother me that its a millimeter off.

Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post
On and before I forget it, could you share some insight on how you implemented these python functions? I saw the python libs, but do you have some trick to auto generate the required function definitions or is it all manual work?
it's manual work but you could use SWIG if you have a lot of functions.

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