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New version fixed the error I mentioned before - thank you 0xd4d

Have found an odd one though - not sure if bug (or more likely user error!)

When debugging, if I modify a DLL (for example, I notice Dotfuscator stuff seems to use a lot of While True ... If Case type of arrangements) to change a value (i.e. in an If Case Num loop I change the Num value returned), when stepping through the code, if I put a watch on Num it appears to take the unmodified value.

However when running, not stepping through, it will take the modified value.

Not really sure if that's very clear :/

Unmodified code :

num = 12345
num2 = num

Modified code

num = 54321
num2 = num

When stepping through and watching num and num2, they both take 12345 and will then (in the case example I outlined) branch accordingly.

However when running it in memory (F9) it will branch as is num = 54321

Hope that makes some sense - as I say, probably user error but happy to help contribute with more detailed examples.
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