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Originally Posted by Av0id View Post
you need to set environment variable or include path for those libs in link parameters /LIBPATH, IIRC
Hi Av0id,

I do the VC setting as below, is this enough or still something missing? Thank you for your help on check.

@set MYPATH=C:\Program Files\VC2008
@set PATH=%MYPATH%\bin
@set INCLUDE=%MYPATH%\include;%MYPATH%\PlatformSDK\Include;%MYPATH%\atlmfc\include;%MYPATH%\DirectX_SDK\Include;
@set LIB=%MYPATH%\lib;%MYPATH%\PlatformSDK\Lib;%MYPATH%\atlmfc\lib;%MYPATH%\DirectX_SDK\Lib\x86;
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