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My approach and personal favorites when approaching a Java Patch.

Use JD Gui to find what you¡¯re looking for and eventually JBE to patch, a recursive decompile with JAD and clear text search sometimes helps. JAD decompile can be done with cmd below. If you have multiple jars, just extract everything, then run the decompile.

JAD Recursive Decompile: for /R %F in (*.class) do jad -r -ff -s java %F

JD Gui - Must have, will allow full exploration of .JAR, as well as export of source.

JBE - Java Bytecode Editor can be used to patch whatever bytecode you desire, modifying the class directly without having to recompile. Will require more than a basic understanding of Java bytecode to use this effectively.

Once you have the patched .class you can simply just drop it back into the .jar with WinRar, or if you are working on a standalone .class then your basically done.

Hope this helps, patching Java can be interesting, especially ones that have string encryption functions.

I don't have direct links for these tuts, but they are pretty good, I will get them uploaded later.

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