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Originally Posted by mr.exodia View Post

  Short V3 Level 10:
    Chk : B5EC5364
    Sym: BDA4FA1C
  BaseP : 1570789295 (Size=50, Diff=112C, MD5=0F656698)
  Pub.X : 2127081270816270912006137526418476
  Pub.Y : 7206819234412870204027887633390168
I see there are many more of these certs in Armadillo. Did you verify that this is the correct ones to break?

I calculated the base point from basepoint init using the armadillo keygen source "KeyMakerV420j.c".
Don't know if this is the latest code so if you could check and see if they matches yours.

Target: "Armadillo v9.64 Public"

Optimal Normal Base Type II
BasepointInit: 1570789295 (0x5DA057AF)
ONB2 Base.X  : 4089747062247003654720736468506441
ONB2 Base.Y  : 10111618751385367037406972360317044
ONB2 Pub.X   : 2127081270816270912006137526418476
ONB2 Pub.Y   : 7206819234412870204027887633390168
And here they are in polynomial base if anyone wants to play with them
Polynomial base (t^113 + t^9 + 1)
Poly Base.X  : 1C1A1BB26597755705B9D996CC209
Poly Base.Y  : 7229DDE3CDDFAC01016B1E84D648
Poly Pub.X   : 4CA5BE7E12F5B8C8CAA93744E99
Poly Pub.Y   : 788BCC901CC832FAA020610A14EB
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