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NO @Lowtec :

I do have all the archives, including the huge archives of the Woodman (those torrents). I am not looking for them ...

In fact, I have many of the original Fravia's Posts from 1997 or so, in my collection as at that time, the Woodmann site and the EXETOOLS sites were the only sites to turn to, for any decent RCE material

What I am trying to so is to keep the Woodmann site UP, especially "Collaborative RCE Tool Libarary" section, which is in my opinion, a priceless treasure that should be preserved for eternity !

In other words, am looking at possibilities of me possibly taking responsibility for the hosting etc (if necessary)..

In my opinion, to avoid takedowns by anyone calling it an "illegal" collection of tools, I would need to put up a lot of disclaimers and the required warnings (for example, need to state for many of the tools that they are intended for research purposes bla, bla bla and also may re-word some of the descriptions so that the "intended use" of the tool(s) would not appear to be encouraging illegal use.

Just a start.. A LOT of work would need to be done if at all I am also allowed to take part in the restoration, but even if it takes a bit of time, I wish that it can be done ...

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